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Organic High Quality Korea Ginseng Root Slices

Organic High Quality Korea Ginseng Root Slices

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Korean ginseng is grown in the ideal climate for ginseng cultivation, the peninsula of Korea, under strict quality controls. For these reasons, it is praised as the highest quality ginseng in the world, in terms of efficacy and, both, quantity and variety of active components

Daily usage

There are many daily uses of red ginseng, which can be sliced in the mouth for a while, chewed, brewed, ground and swallowed, or

red ginseng

red ginseng

For decoction and stewing. Chewing is the simplest way to take it. Cut red ginseng into thin slices, take 2-3 slices of about 3 grams and put them in your mouth for a moment, and chew them down when there is plenty of saliva in your mouth. Or you can make tea for drinking, that is, cut red ginseng into thin slices, put 2-3 grams in a bowl or cup, brew with boiling water, cover it tightly for 5 minutes, and then chew and swallow the ginseng slices after repeated several times. When grinding and using, the ginseng is ground into fine powder and swallowed every day. In this method, the amount of red ginseng is small, depending on the individual's physique, generally 1-1.5g each time.

Stewed red ginseng is best stewed with water. Wrap it in a wet cloth before stewing. After the ginseng strips soften, slice it into thin slices, take 3-5 grams, put it in a porcelain bowl, add half a bowl of water, and stew it for 30 minutes. After taking the soup, the ginseng slices can be stewed twice for drinking. In order to avoid waste, take the soup with slag. It should be noted that after the ginseng juice is stewed, don't be in a hurry to uncover the lid, and take it when it cools naturally. Red ginseng is often accompanied by a certain bitter taste when eating. If you want a good taste, you can cook ginseng with lean pork, chicken, fish, etc., which not only nourishes and strengthens your body, but also eliminates the bitter taste. However, it should not be put for too long, generally not more than 2 hours.

However, red ginseng is not suitable for people with "physical deficiency" and "yin deficiency is easy to get angry". When many people feel unwell, they think that they are undernourished and physically weak. In fact, quite a number of people are over-nourished, especially urban residents, who are not suitable for eating supplements indiscriminately, especially red ginseng. Because red ginseng is warm, people with symptoms such as red gums, dry mouth and throat, and nosebleeds, etc., should not use red ginseng.


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